Riot Games Announces LOTS OF INFO on VALORANT. Here’s everything.

Earlier this morning around 3am EST, Riot Games prepared to release key info on the new game in the works, VALORANT.

They later released a new trailer which got the whole gaming community hyped!

The who community went crazy with the hype after watching this.

More details on the weapons in-game:

So based on this, it seems we will be able to conclude that weapons will be selected before the drop of the match, with some `purchase` system.

Some more footage:

Here is some gameplay of the sniper:

Agent names:

More game info:

Based on this, we can confirm that the game will have a similar vibe to CS:GO.

Here are the minimum requirements and specs to run the game on Windows:

After a match, the following will show up!

Can’t wait to see what comes next from this point on!